At Riverlake Solutions, we know tank terminals. In essence we assist our customers with project development services throughout the complete cycle of the development of a tank terminal. Typically, as well-trained engineers, we like to organise such development in a project-like manner with clearly identified project phases. We developed our own project development methodology which is specifically applicable to the development of oil terminals.

If you are interested, you can download our project development methodology. Each phase requires its specific approach as the focus changes from phase to phase. Initially the focus is commercial and financial to assess the feasibility of the project.

Whilst determining the functionality of the facility, the focus shifts towards logistics. This phase is followed by a detailed engineering focus when the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) is to be made. In the following phase the focus turns commercial again, this time from a procurement angle because large multi-million construction contracts need to be tendered and negotiated. This is followed by the nitty-gritty management of the actual construction of the terminal and finishes by the operational focus on the commissioning and start-up of the terminal. This process will take several years, a lot of patience, set-backs, regained optimism and finally champagne when the ribbon can be cut.

At Riverlake Solutions we have gone through all these aspects many times. That is why we know terminals and that is why we feel confident that our customers will benefit from this experience whilst developing a tank terminal. Or when buying one. Or when renovating an old one. Or when searching for the location for a new one. Or, or, well for many other reasons.

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